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About Us

Ancient VietNam created comfort for diners when new entry because this is a pure Vietnamese space. Architectural and interior decoration here is very subtle, Asian style. Wooden tables and chairs, brick walls, stylized lanterns, traditional folk paintings. All of them create the intimacy, familiar for customers because it is very Vietnamese culture.

Nestled between the illuminated gold lanterns from the old lanterns, the wood carved tongue elaborately elaborate “The ancient Vietnamese Comedy” more and more powerful attraction

Ancient – luxurious – cozy with traditional handicraft products and many works of art by famous artists. Fine to every detail, Com Nieu Viet ancient is a unique architecture of the culture of the ancient Vietnamese.

The childhood food

Com nieu, beat rice is a popular dish and familiar with the old Vietnamese and now is the brand created dishes for the restaurant. In addition to these two dishes, the restaurant also has more than 50 typical dishes of all three North – Central – South. You will encounter your childhood through dishes such as braised goby, jute vegetable crab soup, braised meat, shrimp soup soup, …

Immerse yourself in the natural fresh air with the murmuring streams and flowers in the wind, hear birds singing and melodious music in harmony romantic, you will be completely relaxed.

Not only for the purpose of serving pure Vietnamese meals to those who want to eat the traditional dishes that the ancient Vietnamese Cooking contributed to introduce the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine to foreign guests in Vietnam.